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Jeremy Johnson, director. When I was 15, this old guy Andy (I think he was probably 30 at the time) worked with me at the local community theatre in Randolph, New Jersey. One day Andy handed me Reflections of a Rock Lobster and One Teenager in Ten. I don't recall if we had a conversation about being gay or not but those

A. Nora Long, producing associate On Tuesday night , The Temperamentals  began its first rehearsal with the traditional Lyric "Meet and Greet." Members of the company staff, design team, cast and crew gathered to introduce themselves, and learn a little more about the show and the theatre. And, of course, eat food. Cast and crew listen to director Jeremy Johnson discuss

A. Nora Long, producing associateSorry, blog, this is a day late. But, hopefully, I will make up for my tardiness, with thoughtfulness (fingers crossed). On Sunday, I led our second talkback for our current production Time Stands Still; (Hang on, isn't this blog about The Temperamentals? Wait for it!) the story of two journalists recovering from trauma they have faced abroad, and the impact their

Brian Dudley, Box Office Manager I don’t like reading plays. But wait! Before you start chasing me out of the box office with torches and pitchforks, please note that this does not mean I don’t like plays. On the contrary! I think plays are great. The play is such a unique narrative form in that the script, the actual words are just the skeleton,

by A. Nora Long, producing associate Hello Internet!And welcome to the Lyric Stage Company of Boston’s blog for our upcoming production of The Temperamentals. This play by Jon Marans centers on events in history that don’t get much play in lessons about the 1950s, and we thought you all might benefit from an extra look-see into the world of the