by A. Nora Long, producing associate

Hello Internet!And welcome to the Lyric Stage Company of Boston’s blog for our upcoming production of The Temperamentals. This play by Jon Marans centers on events in history that don’t get much play in lessons about the 1950s, and we thought you all might benefit from an extra look-see into the world of the play and our production process.

Every Tuesday you can expect a new update from a member of the cast, production team or Lyric staff, and every Thursday (or “Turgsday”) I will be posting some dramaturgically-related information about the show. Have a question or a comment burning in your breast? Let us know, and you might just be the subject of our next post.

In the meantime, you might be asking yourself, “what is The Temperamentals about anyway?” I’m so glad you asked. The Temperamentals is a beautiful, moving, and true love story of political activist Harry Hay, and fashion designer Rudi Gernreich and the formation of one of the first Gay rights organization in the United States, the Mattachine Society. “Temperamental” was one of the many code words for “homosexual” in the early 1950s. In this play we see Hay, Gernreich, and the first few Mattachine members struggle to shuffle off the veil of secrecy and discover who they truly are. It is a remarkable and timely piece, perfect for launching many thoughtful and fruitful discussions through the virtual world here and the analogue world out there.
Till next time, see you at the theatre.