Last Chance

A. Nora Long, producing associate

Tonight is our final post-show forum and then only a few more performances till we close on Saturday. Rehearsals for Avenue Q are underway, and we will dive into that a little more next week at our freshly-launched, all-new Lyric Stage Boston Blog

The run of this show has been full of a range of experiences: standing ovations, walk-outs, tears, laughter, anger, confusion, thank you notes and hate mail (well, maybe not hate mail, but angry-mail). We have had quiet discussions in the lobby, and bold poses in our photo booth. The range and intensity of these responses is, in a word, striking.

I think The Temperamentals is a beautiful and moving play, about a rag-tag group of gents who made an impact on American History that deserves to be recognized. But, I also think, if everyone felt the same way about this play (and every other) we wouldn’t really need to make anything ever again. We would just keep doing the same production for infinity, because we all thought it was brilliant, and how can you improve genius? And, that, friends, would get a mite old.

Our audience is not a monolith, nor would I want them to be. I think by evoking an emotional response from so many different people, no matter the joy or venom, means we are on to something. Theatre, like all art – but especially theatre – works best when it matters to us. When it gets us riled up, it means the transitory 2 hours traffic lives on in us.

Join us tonight for the show at 730PM or for the Forum at 9:30PM or the reception afterwards at Club Cafe. And, join us next week at our new destination for more year-round blogging!