Lyric Top 40: Pure, Unfiltered Sound

Several of you have written in to say that the fact that our actors don’t need to wear mics to fill the space with sound is on your Lyric Top 40, so we thought we’d add it here – because it’s one of Spiro’s favorite things, too.

When you come to a play or a musical here at the Lyric, you get real voices and real sound, because our intimate space allows us to work without amplification. And it really shows. “I just love that you can hear them so clearly,” one audience member remarked to me on her way out of One Man, Two Guvnors last month. And the same goes for musicals: those bands are working right behind the set – live music, Spiro says, makes all the difference.

We’re lucky that our space allows for this, and even luckier that our actors, directors, and musicians are willing to “play ball” and perform without microphones. We’re proud of how authentic and powerful we feel it makes the sound – and we’re glad so many of you like it, too.

The Lyric Top 40 
A new feature on our blog that celebrates the large and the small, the obvious and the obscure, our very favorite things about The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, the things that make us uniquely Lyric. Check back for the next item on the countdown.