Lyric Top 40: Snacks and Pizza and Chicken (oh my!)

photo of hand grabbing slice of pizza

We like to feed people.

Spiro says it’s because he’s Greek, and Sara, our Managing Director, is from the south, so between the two of them, they have hospitality in their blood. When people come to our house, we feed them.That’s why we have so many instances where we feed our staff, artists, and patrons. We heard from so many of our artists that all our food events were on their Lyric Top 40’s, so we had to share them here with you.

PIZZA THURSDAY! Pizza Thursday is our final dress rehearsal evening, and we have pizza delivered for our staff and artists – it’s mostly because most people never get out of the building during tech week, but it’s also become like a family dinner. At our most recent Pizza Thursday, the cast of Becky’s New Car and the staff of the theater sat down and played a very noisy Game of Life.

CHICKEN SATURDAY! And then only two days later, we have a bunch of comfort food. Between shows on the first Saturday of each run, we bring in chicken and sides for the cast and staff, so the directors of the shows can give the cast their notes. Also, we love comfort food. We all gather ’round a table and talk, laugh, and prepare for the next one.

VIP WEDNESDAY! This is where you come in… join us on the first Wednesday performance of the show, and then come down to the party afterwards at a local restaurant with free snacks and a cash bar. Like you want to miss those. They’re the best!

SPECIAL PARTIES! If you sponsor a show, we throw a party and bring the snacks. All of our P.S. events involve treats, too. So do come on down. We’ll bring the snacks.

The Lyric Top 40 
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