To Blog or Not To Blog

A. Nora Long, producing associate

Dear readers, As we near the end of our Temperamentals blog, we here at the theatre can’t help but notice the HUGE viewing stats this little guy has gotten. It has lead some of us to think that maybe we will keep this little experiment going beyond this show and into a year round e-conversation about all the happenings at the Lyric.

So, I ask you – are you interested? What kind of things do you want to read about? Because you, dear readers, have the opportunity to also be writers yourself. Please feel free to take advantage of the comment section to tell us your thoughts, ask us your questions, or just give us some ideas for future posts.

The internet is not a one-way series of tubes, after all, and you all have our number

On Tuesday look for our last Temperamentals guest blogger as the show closes next Saturday night. Come out and see us sometime (and by sometime we mean during our remaining performances).