Wrenn/Quinn, etc.
Playwright, Made You Look
Playwright, Party Bots
Lighting Design, Made You Look
Lighting Design, Party Bots
Sound Design
Costume Design
Props Artisan
Stage Manager, Made You Look
Stage Manager, Party Bots
High School Show: 

Made You Look

By David Valdes
Directed by Alexandra Smith


If you had the opportunity to gain full access to someone else’s social media account, to see everything they’d ever written or searched, would you take it?  No one at Jones High School gives much thought to what they say and do on the SLAB app – that is, until someone hacks the app and grants an unfiltered look into everyone’s hidden digital lives.  In Made You Look, four high school students grapple with the ethical and interpersonal implications of their curiosity.  
Middle School Show: 

Party Bots

By Ginger Lazarus
Directed by Alexandra Smith


If space aliens came to Earth, what might they want?  How would their arrival change humanity, for better or worse?  Bash and Ellery unleash the answers when they discover and open a mysterious canister in a field, and the resulting party is unlike anything they ever could have imagined.  Sci-fi and robots collide with Chex Mix and the ultimate dance-off in this delightful comedy by Ginger Lazarus.