Rent Our Space

Due to the current pandemic/health concerns, our rental capacity is extremely limited. Please contact the box office to discuss your project and needs. To learn more about rentals, contact the Box Office at boxofficemanager@lyricstage.com.

Room For Your Creativity

We operate a 244-seat theatre and rehearsal space equipped for dance and musical needs as well as two conference spaces all in the heart of Boston.

When not in use by the Lyric Stage’s professional productions, our rehearsal hall is available for rent. Members of the  the Boston Dance Alliance receive a discounted rate.


Kuumba Library is a large conference room suitable for moderately-sized gatherings such as board meetings, small fundraisers, classes, and rehearsals. The room has a standard set-up suitable for many applications, accommodating around 90 seats (see image), but available furniture can be arranged to suit your needs. 


The Kuumba Library is located at the top of the stairs (directly to the left of the elevator doors) on the second floor of 140 Clarendon. 


For-profit group: $75/hr

Non-Profit group: $45/hr

Set-up and capacity suggestions

NOTE: your group is not limited to these arrangements, but these are suggestions that have been helpful in the past. There is a max capacity of (need to confirm with the building) in the room.

Theater set-up: 90 seated

Cocktail (standing reception with limited chairs): 99 standing

Classroom set-up: 40



The Stuart Conference room is located on the second floor of 140 Clarendon. After walking straight from the stairs (or directly right out of the elevators), take a right at the end of the lobby, continue down a hallway, and turn right at the end. The door to Stuart will be on your left. 


For-profit group: $60/hr

Non-Profit group: $45/hr

Stuart is a cozy little conference space ideal for small group gatherings of 12 people or less such as team meetings, interviews, as well as small classes and workshops.

Clarendon Hall

Clarendon Hall is the Lyric’s dedicated rehearsal studio. When not in use for a Lyric production this studio space is built and equipped for theatrical or dance use. NOTE: due to the installed Marley flooring, hard-soled shoes (including percussive dance shoes) are prohibited.


Clarendon Hall is located on the fourth floor of 140 Clarendon. Using the elevators in the main lobby, go to the fourth floor, and upon exiting the elevators continue down a short hallway, and the door will be at the end.


For-profit group: $75/hr

Non-Profit group: $45/hr

Boston Dance Alliance discount: $15/hr


Our 244-seat ¾ thrust stage is the perfect venue for panel discussions, fundraisers, theatrical performances, dance performances, talent shows, award ceremonies, and anything you can think to host! NOTE: see FAQ section for info on availability limitations.


The theater doors are located directly across from the lobby elevators on the second floor of the YWCA building at 140 Clarendon St.


For-profit group: $100/hr

Non-Profit group: $75/hr

Daily/week-long rates can be discussed

Additional labor and equipment costs may be included in your rental

Rental FAQ

Q: I want to rent the Lyric’s theater space; when would I expect best availability?
A: The Lyric Stage Company exclusively performs out of the theater at 140 Clarendon St. Productions use the space from early August through June depending on show runs. Between that time, for smaller events, the theater is generally available on Mondays and Tuesdays. During this time, you should expect scenic elements that may not be able to move or be masked for your event and lighting options may be limited due to the existing show being installed. Between June and August, availability and flexibility of the space is substantially greater. Inquire for specific details on what is in the space and if we are able to accommodate your needs.


Q: Are you able to help us with ticketing for our event in the theater?
A: We are! Whether general seating or assigned seating, we can work with you in getting tickets set up and printed for your event for a small additional charge. When considering your rental request include this information for Lyric staff.


Q: What is parking and accessibility like?
A: This information can be found on our Getting Here page as well as other helpful information!


Q: We’re thinking of catering our event, is that allowed in your space?
A: Groups frequently have catering in our spaces. It is up to your group to arrange catering, but when considering this for your rental time, let Lyric staff handing your rental know.


Q: Can we use the lobby for a reception or ticketing area?
A: Generally, the outer lobby on the second floor may not be used for you event. We ask that the outer lobby be limited to people moving between spaces or waiting to enter. This area is shared by the building’s other businesses. You may be able to have a small table outside of the Kuumba Library or Theater with approval from Lyric staff. If you intend to have a small reception following use of the theater the Kuumba Library may suit your needs as it is directly across the lobby from the theater.


Q: Are the spaces near each other?
A: Kuumba, Stuart, and the theatre are all near and easily accessible to each other. Groups have had success using multiple spaces for a single event. If you need a larger and smaller space for interview events, college auditions, etc, using Kuumba as the main area and Stuart as a smaller individual area is a suggestion.


Q: Is there wi-fi available?
A: When actively renting our space there is wi-fi available for use.


Q: Can the room’s temperature be controlled?
A: Both Kuumba and Stuart have heat/AC units below each window. Unless specifically noted, you may access the units by removing the vent above. In Clarendon hall there is a thermostat accessible to you. When renting the theater ask Lyric staff to assist you and they may be able to help accommodate temperature needs.


Q: Clarendon Hall is the perfect rehearsal studio for me, but I am a tap dancer and see that you don’t have a space that accommodates use of my shoes. Do you have any kind of tap board I could use?
A: At the moment we do not, but you are welcome to bring a material or rolling tap board to use if you’d like!