Volunteer Ushering

Volunteer usher for a Lyric Stage Company performance and stay to see the show for free! All ushers are required to attend a brief orientation where we’ll introduce you to the Lyric staff and House Management team, review ushering procedures, and provide a sneak peek at our upcoming season. Please contact the box office at boxoffice@lyricstage.com or 617.585.5678 to sign up!

Usher Policies

All ushers must arrive one hour before curtain, wearing all black or black and white. Ushers must be physically able to stand for 30-45 minutes at a time, walk up and down stairs, navigate the theatre, and provide assistance to our patrons as needed. You will be trained by our house management staff prior to your selected performance. Please note that we require ushers not wear jackets or hold bags/purses while working – you will be able to store your items securely with our staff.

Ushers will be seated in available seats for their chosen performance, subject to availability. Please note that while we will do our very best to ensure ushers will be able to sit in a seat, should a performance sell out in its entirety, ushers may have to stand or avail themselves of folding chairs in the back of the house. If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements, please contact the box office.

If you will be late or unable to usher for your scheduled performance, please call the box office as soon as possible to let us know. Ushers who are more than 10 minutes late for ushering without notifying the box office may not be allowed to usher for future performances.

All ushers must be signed up under their own name and provide a contact phone number and e-mail address, where possible. We regret that we are unable to reserve an ushering space without contact information.


Ushering Handbook 2019-2020

This Handbook is to help provide a safe and professional environment for our staff, ushers and patrons at The Lyric Stage Company of Boston.

Rules & Procedures

How To Sign Up:

If you are interested in ushering at The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, please email the Box Office at boxoffice@lyricstage.com the following information:

β—‹ Your full name
β—‹ Contact information (phone number and email)
β—‹ For each show you would like to usher for provide 3 dates (in order of preference) you are available to usher

β–  Please note due to our high volume of volunteer requests we limit volunteers to ushering a maximum of once per show to give everyone a chance to volunteer
β—‹ If you are also signing up friends we need their full name & contact information
β—‹ Our Box Office staff will cross reference the system and send an email confirmation of the best dates that were available.

● *Please Note: Ushers that are unable to walk up stairs will need to give the Box Office notice, as there will be one designated position available each night that accommodates ushers with mobility issues

Usher Duties Include:

● Program stuffing (depending on the performance and show)

● Seating patrons
β—‹ For 30 minutes before the show ushers will distribute programs, and walk patrons directly to their seats (this will help ease traffic jams around the stage and provide a more personal customer service)

● Scanning tickets (the selected usher will be trained on how to use the device)

● Lobby ambassador (if applicable)

● Post-Show clean up

Usher Rules:

● Cancellation
β—‹ We require at least 24 hours notice for usher cancellations (unless in emergency situations)

β–  Ushers who cancel/miss their scheduled date 3 times without providing 24 hours notice will not be allowed to usher in the future

● Arriving late
β—‹ If you are running late call the Box Office at (617) 585-5678 to give our House Manager a heads up. Please note: ushers that are more than 10 minutes late without notice will not be allowed to usher and will be asked to reschedule with the box office for another open slot
● Code of Conduct
β—‹ Attached is the Ushering Code of Conduct for the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, please read in its entirety to ensure we provide our staff and patrons a safe environment
β—‹ Ushers that do not adhere to the Code of Conduct and receive a verbal warning and/or written warning from House Management with not be allowed to usher in the future

Usher Procedure:

● Usher duties
β—‹ Program stuffing
β—‹ Seating patrons
β—‹ Scanning tickets
β—‹ Lobby ambassador
β—‹ Post-Show clean up

● When you arrive to usher
β—‹ Call-time for ushers is 1-hour prior to the performance’s scheduled start time
β—‹ Check in and provide your name with the box office (they will check you off the list for that day)

β–  Please bring your usher confirmation email, if you are not on the list for that performance, the box office will ask to reschedule
β—‹ Drop off any purses, bags, etc. at the box office (usher’s personal items will be stored safely and watched by Box Office Staff)
β—‹ Coats can be stored on the coat rack inside the theater
β—‹ Wait for House Management for further instructions

● When the show is over
β—‹ House Management will ask ushers to β€œguard the stage” (if necessary)
β—‹ Check in with Concessions for gloves and trash bags for Post-Show Cleaning
β—‹ Walk through the rows in each section to pick up trash
β—‹ If there are any spills please alert House Management
β—‹ Once cleaning is over, put trash bags in the main trash can located by the theater doors

Usher Speech Information:

● Show-Specific Reminders
β—‹ Show title, date and time β—‹ Running time
β—‹ Intermission duties (if necessary)
β—‹ What they should do in case of double seating issues

● Concessions will be open during the pre-show and intermissions (if any). Concessions items may be brought into the theatre

● Parking tickets can be validated at concessions before, during intermission and after the show.

● The coat rack is located to the right of concessions next to the ramp.
β—‹ It is a coat rack, not a coat check, because there will not be anyone staffing it during the show.

● Restrooms are located down the dark grey hallway to the right of the theatre doors
β—‹ There are additional restrooms on the first floor to the left of the hotel’s front desk

● Ushers will be asked to find their seats in Row J just before the curtain speech begins

● A reminder to stay after the show to help clean up small trash and recyclable programs.

Usher Benefits:

● Ushers get to see the show for free!
β—‹ There will be 6 seats on reserve for every performance

β–  Center Right / J / 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12
β—‹ (In the event of a sold out performance, ushers will be asked to sit on the stools in the back)

● Ushers receive a 50% discount on all food items (not alcohol)

Theater Layout:

● A β€œcheat sheet” of the house map will be provided by the House Manager

● The house is divided into five sections: Center, Center Left, Center Right, Side Left, and Side Right
β—‹ Each section and will be listed on the ticket with no abbreviations.
β—‹ Provide an example ticket for ushers to familiarize themselves

● The directions (left, right) are from audience perspective, not stage.

● The Center Section: is the main block of seats β—‹ Seats go from 101 on the right aisle down to 109 on the left aisle.
β—‹ The rows are A on the floor and J in the back (this does include a row I)

● The Center Left and Side Left sections:
β—‹ all seats are either single or double digit ODD numbers starting with 1 on the aisle (1, 3, 5, etc.)
β—‹ The rows in the Center Left start in row D and go up through row J β—‹ The rows on the Side Left start in row AA on the floor and go up through row EE

● The Center Right and Side Right sections:
β—‹ all seats are either single or double digits EVEN numbers starting with 2 on the aisle (2, 4, 6, etc.)
β—‹ The rows in the Center Right match match with the rows in the center, start with D and going up through J (this does include a row I) β—‹ The rows In the Side Right start in AA on the floor through EE

● All seats have a metal label and they are labeled correctly β—‹ β—‹

With the exception of the folding chairs in row AA in the Side Section.

The folding chairs are numbered in the same fashion and will be moved to make room for wheelchairs.