Staff Playlist: The Light

In honor of our current production, The Light, the Lyric Stage staff and The Light director Jacqui Parker compiled a Spotify playlist of songs that remind us of the show. Here are some of our favorites!

1. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing

‘Cause I’ve built my life around you

But time makes you bolder, even children get older

And I’m getting older too

“It captures the heartache and fear of wondering if your relationship will/should end after you’ve built a life and planned a future with someone.” – Kate Casner, Digital Marketing Associate

Known as one of the band’s most well-known songs, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac details the hardships of love and life through the metaphor of an avalanche. Stevie Nicks sings about how she sees her life as a landslide, moving more rapidly than she can handle herself. Nicks singing about her collapsing relationship with Lindsey Buckingham parallels the complications within Genesis and Rashad’s relationship as they unravel truths that they may not be prepared to fully come to terms with.

2. “1 + 1” by Beyoncé

If I ain’t got nothing, I got you

If I ain’t got something, I don’t give a damn

‘Cause I got it with you

I don’t know much about algebra, but I know 1+1 equals 2

And it’s me and you

That’s all we’ll have when the world is through

Serving as the opening track to her critically acclaimed 2011 album, 4, “1 + 1” by Beyoncé follows the idea that no matter how bad things get in life, your partner will be there for you at the end of the day, and that in itself is enough. Though Genesis and Rashad experience obstacles within their relationship as they learn about buried secrets and painful truths, they have each other at the end of the day as they go through an arduous journey of understanding each other.

3. “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder

And though the odds seem improbable

What do they know

For in romance

All true love needs is a chance

And maybe with a chance you will find

You too like I

Overjoyed, over loved, over you

Over you

“This song for me captures the notion that faith and hope in love can overcome the impossible.” – Heather Darrow, Director of Marketing

“Overjoyed” serves as the ninth track on Stevie Wonder’s 1985 album titled In Square Circle. Originally recorded for his concept album Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, “Overjoyed” describes a person hoping to make his dream romance a reality. The song comes from the perspective of someone asking their dream partner to give love a chance, as it may overpower the hardships of life.

4. “Just (After Song of Songs)” by David Lang

Just your mouth

Just your love

Just your anointing oils

Just your name

Just your chambers

Just your love

Composed by David Lang and performed by Norwegian vocal group Trio Mediaeval, “Just (After Song of Songs)” was adapted for use in the soundtrack for the 2015 film Youth. The song was based on language from the Song of Songs in the Old Testament, in which it is known for its focus on the passionate love between a man and a woman. Written in a repetitive style, with each line starting with “Just your,” “and my,” or “our,” the song paints a vivid picture of the love, devotion, and passion found within a relationship.

5. “노력해볼게요 (I’ll Try)” by DAY6

Just like your love

That loves me

Just the way I am

Just the way you are

I’ll hold you

I’ll accept you

I’ll try

“This song is so raw in the way that it conveys the idea that no matter how hard life gets, your partner will always be right by your side.” – Marieska Luzada, Press and Digital Marketing Assistant

Serving as the final track on their 2017 album MOONRISE, “노력해볼게요 (I’ll Try)” by DAY6 is heartbreaking, vulnerable, and honest in the way that its lyrics describe how one wants their significant other to realize how devoted they are in their relationship. The song comes from the perspective of a person wanting to tell their partner that they will do everything to understand the other, and to continue loving them no matter how hard life gets.

6. “Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic

I ain’t playin’ no games

Every word that I say is coming straight from the heart

So if you tryna lay in these arms

I’ma leave the door open

“Leave the Door Open” is the debut single of duo Silk Sonic, which features Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars. Throughout the song, the two singers profess their love and dedication to their significant other and repeat that the door will always be open at any time. With catchy beats and a sway-inducing chorus, “Leave the Door Open” represents one’s desire to remind their partner of their love and adoration of them.

BONUS TRACK – “Natural High” by Alyssa Brown

“Once we got Alyssa Brown’s ‘Natural High,’ which is in the play and still in my head every single day, it was a wrap and the only song that I listened to until the Opening.” – Jacqui Parker, Director

You can listen to “Natural High” here!