The Walking Plays Listening Tutorial

Hi! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to listen to our Lyric To-Go Walking Plays on your computer or smartphone. We recommend listening on a mobile smartphone and walking along with the characters in each play! Here’s an example of audio on a Walking Play page:

You can find Walking Play pages in the menu on Lyricstage.com underneath “Lyric To-Go”. Click the red play button at the top of the page in this player to listen!

Each Walking Play has their own page with a map that you can walk along with the characters. Listen to our Walking Plays on your computer and preview the route that the characters in each play take! Here’s an example of a map that you can find on each Walking Play page:

Use these maps on our website to navigate along on your phone, or print out the map from your computer so you have it with you.

You can listen on your smartphone with the same audio player on each page by pressing the same red play button:

Find this player by navigating to the Lyric Stage website in your smartphone’s web-browser, hit the menu icon, and go to Lyric To-Go.

If you want to listen in the background with headphones to walk along with the characters, we recommend using the Apple Podcasts app if you have an iPhone, or downloading “SoundCloud” from your phone’s app store. You can find the Walking Plays by searching for “Lyric Stage Walking Plays” from this search menu in each app.

Our website also includes these two black buttons at the bottom of each Walking Play page. Tap each one to be brought to the respective app. You’ll be brought right from our website to the Walking Plays in the Podcasts app that comes with your iPhone or SoundCloud once you download it from your smartphone’s app store.

These are all the basics you’ll need to know to listen to our Walking Plays whether you choose to walk along with the characters or listen to it at home. We hope you enjoy our Walking Plays!