What To Know About Your Visit

So you’ve bought tickets to the Lyric Stage Company and you’re wondering what next? You’re in the right place.

Whether you bought tickets with the help of our friendly box office at 617.585.5678, you bought tickets on our streamlined website, or someone you love bought you Gift Tix for a special occasion, we can help make your visit as easy and fun as possible.

Here’s some answers to questions you might have…

Before you’re here:

We’ll also send you a pre-show welcome email with more specific information about the production, any important information, and handy links to our website answering any lingering questions you might have!

Is the theatre wheelchair accessible?

Our entire space, including our lobbies, restrooms, and theatre are fully accessible. An elevator is located at the Stuart Street entrance of the building. If any member of your party uses a wheelchair, please let our box office know so that we are best prepared to assist you.

What should I wear?

We believe that theatre is for everyone, so we don’t don’t have a dress code. You can come dressed for a casual night of theatre or for a nice night out. We just want you to enjoy the performance.

Do you have a coat room? Where can I store my things?

We have coat racks available free of charge in the inner lobby of the theater near the concessions stand. There is also limited space for storage in the box office. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What are my seats like?

Our theatre is one of the most intimate spaces in Boston, and with our stadium style seating you can see the stage from each seat. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! Click here for a virtual, 360° tour of our space!

Please remember once you’re here not to walk on the stage. We don’t want you to get hurt and we also don’t want to damage the set. Thank you for your help in keeping the stage in good shape for everyone to enjoy!

How do I get there? Where do I park?

Full transit and parking directions are available here.

What else should I do on my night out?

To help you plan your whole night, we’ve partnered with a variety of restaurants in the area to offer our patrons special discounts! See the full list here.

When should I get to the theatre?

We recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance when the doors to the theatre open.

Is it ok if I’m late?

If you arrive late to the performance you will be seated at the discretion of house staff in available seats at an appropriate point in the performance so the performance can continue uninterrupted. You will be permitted to move to your seat at intermission, if possible. You may not be able to sit with your party.

Once you’re here:

I’m worried I won’t be able to hear the performance, what should I do?

We provide assisted listening devices at the box office free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. You will be asked to provide an ID to secure a device, which will be returned to you following the performance.

Where can I get snacks for the show?

A variety of snacks and drinks are available at our concessions in the inner lobby. You can eat anything you purchase there in the theater during the performance, we only ask that you open all items prior to the beginning of the performance or during intermission so as to minimize sounds and disruptions to everyone else. Please dispose of any trash following the performance.

Where’s the bathroom?

As you exit the theatre, the bathroom is located in the hallway to the left in our second floor lobby. If you have trouble locating it once you’re here, our box office and concessions staff can help direct you.

What if I need to use the bathroom during the performance?

If you leave during the performance as soon as you come back you will be seated at the discretion of house staff in available seats (which may not be your original seats) at an appropriate point in the performance so the performance can continue uninterrupted. You will be permitted to move to your seat at intermission, if possible.

Can I take any pictures during the performance?

The use of all cameras and recording devices, including cell phone cameras, is strictly prohibited.

Is it ok to check my phone in the theatre?

In consideration of the performers and your fellow guests, before the show begins please silence cell phones, digital watches, pagers, and anything else that might disturb the performance. Texting and light emitted from screens during the performance are prohibited.

I need to take a smoke break, is there somewhere I can go in the theatre?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the YWCA Building.

After you’ve gone:

I lost something in the theatre, what should I do?

Please contact the box office if you believe you have misplaced something in the theater and we’ll work to locate it and get it back to you.

Where can I find you online?

You can always find more content on our blog at lyricstage.com. We have a variety of interviews, photos, and podcasts for you to enjoy. The best part, it’s free!

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