December 2012 This week on Theater in Thirty, I had the pleasure of getting to know Dakota Shepard, and she was kind enough to put up with me moving a poinsettia around in the spirit of the holiday season. We talked a lot about why she's so excited about bringing 33 Variations to life, about the play and its relationship to Beethoven's Diabelli variations,

Brian Dudley, Marketing & Development Associate Have you ever sat back and wondered what English sounds like to someone who doesn't speak it? David Henry Hwang's Chinglish (now playing through the 23rd!) is all about doing business in China, and being dipped into an unfamiliar culture with a severe, perplexing language barrier.  So, we scoured the internet and stumbled upon these two videos, one Hi again! Welcome to another installment of Theater in Thirty, this time with actor Chen Tang. Chen is new to the Lyric, and I was delighted to have the chance to take some time and get to know him better. Chen is a lot of fun to talk to, and had some great insights about the show. In this video,

by Amanda Spinella, Artistic Assistant This past Tuesday was an exciting day for The Lyric Stage Company of Boston. Not only was it Election Day, but it was the first rehearsal for the cast and company of our upcoming production of Chinglish.  This was my first experience at a Lyric welcome since my recent move from the Front of House to

by Paul Lazo, Marketing Assistant The Chosen continues to astonish audiences, bringing them into the climate of the Brooklynneighborhoods and Jewish communities that resided there during the time of World War 2. After the November 4 matinee showing of The Chosen,  Director Daniel Gidron and the cast, Charles Linshaw, Zachary Eisenstat, Joel Colodner, Will McGarrahan, and Luke Murtha, all joined our Associate Artistic

Katherine Raymond, Marketing Assistant This past weekend The Chosen went up with much success getting positive review after positive review from its audiences. The Chosen, adapted from the novel by Chaim Potok, portrays a story of two Orthodox Jewish students in the 1940’s who, through their friendship, further explore the relationship with their religion as well as explore the complex relationship with

By W. Vickroy, Marketing AssistantAs the Lyric Stage Company of Boston finished up their run of The Mikado this weekend, work immediately began on the set for Lyric’s new production of Chaim Potok’s The Chosen. While of course the finished set will remain a surprise for show goers until opening night on October 19, we thought in the meantime we’d offer a

A. Nora LongAssociate Artistic Director A new season is upon us, and last night we celebrated the opening of The Mikado at DaVinci Ristorante , just round the corner from the theatre. In order to avoid confusion with the first performance (on Fridays), the Press opening (on Sundays), the Wednesday night performance is affectionately known as the "food opening" because of these little

by Alycia Sacco, u/s Girl Bear, Mrs. T, Others When I first saw Avenue Q on Broadway some years ago, I was always hoping to have the opportunity to one day be in the show. When I was offered the job of understudy at the Lyric, I knew that it was a dream come true. My experience learning not