August 2013

“What do you mean, it’s two plays?”When we announced in the spring of 2010 we were mounting The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Parts I & II in repertory, there was a lot of excitement from the theater and the audience alike. It was, after all, one of the largest productions in the history of the Lyric. We had been

The Lyric Top 40You may have heard that we are celebrating a pretty important milestone in our history over here at The Lyric Stage this year: we’re celebrating 40 years of bringing Boston audiences exciting, innovative, and enriching theater. Forty years is a long time, and we know a lot of you out there have been with us for

by W. Vickroy, Marketing Assistant Last week, we talked to Kathleen Doyle about her creative process in designing costumes for On The Town, opening next Friday here at Lyric Stage. Kathleen even shared with us some concept sketches for costume designs in the show! Enjoy! Q. How’s it going ON THE TOWN?A. I’m having so much fun!  The war created radical

by W. Vickroy, Marketing Assistant As Lyric Stage Company prepares for its opening of On The Town on May 10th, we asked actor J.T. Turner (Pitkin) a few questions about his time working on the production, as well as other questions about his career in theatre. Q. What's your favorite part of working on "On The Town"?A. I am excited to be I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Amber Voner, who performed the essential role of Hair, Make-Up, & Wig Designer on our production of By the Way, Meet Vera Stark. In this THEATER IN THIRTY interview, we talk about her process and her inspirations, as well as Vera Stark herself. The show runs through April 27th, so we do hope

by W. Vickroy, Marketing Assistant. After last Friday's opening night of By The Way, Meet Vera Stark, we got in touch with the fantastic Terrell Donnell Sledge (Leroy Barksdale/ Herb) to ask a few questions about his experience with this production, as well as to gain some insight about what theater means to him. Terrell as Herb Forrester Q.    What attracted you