An Interview with J.T. Turner

by W. Vickroy, Marketing Assistant

As Lyric Stage Company prepares for its opening of On The Town on May 10th, we asked actor J.T. Turner (Pitkin) a few questions about his time working on the production, as well as other questions about his career in theatre.

Q. What’s your favorite part of working on “On The Town”?
A. I am excited to be working with this cast. For me, it is a nice combination of actors I have worked with in the past, and new actors that I get to work with for the first time. That makes for a fun blend. And I love working with Spiro, he is a director I very much admire.

Q. What does your role mean to you?
A. Pitkin is a bit of a challenge, as his theme for most of the show is great tolerance towards his fiance. That changes dramatically in the show, in a wonderful song. So I am trying to play the humor of course, without making him a caricature.

Q. Do you have a favorite scene or song in the show?
A. It is still early in rehearsals as I write this, so I am sure I will have many songs and scenes I love, but Michelle DeLuca really sells ” I Can Cook Too”, she does a great job capturing her character Hildy.

Q. What aspect of this show attracted you to it?
A. This is an amazing show, but rarely done, so part of the appeal was a chance to work on a classic that rarely gets performed.

Q. Who or what inspires you as a performer?
A. Passion. I am inspired by people that bring a strong love for what they do to their lives.

Q. Do you have any advice to aspiring actors?
A. Life is about showing up. Audition for everything, be on time for your work, treat the stage with respect. Doing what we do is an honor, remember that, and cherish the work.

Q. If you could do any show, in any role, what would it be?
A. Annie in the musical, Annie. I know it is a long shot, but I have faith.

Q. Have you seen the movie? How does the show compare, in your opinion?
A. I have seen the movie, and while the movie is fun, it under serves the original show. And I say that not just because my character doesn’t appear in the film!

Headshot of J.T. Turner

J.T. Turner (Pitkin, Worker, Ensemble) returns to The Lyric Stage having appeared in Big River, Kiss Me Kate, Man of La Mancha, and 1776. He is the Artistic Director of The Actors Company and is a professional lecturer and public speaker, in the areas of motivation and memory.