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You’ll laugh so hard you’ll…well, you get the idea.
A greedy and unethical corporation profits from the citizens of a city in the middle of a water shortage by banning public toilets forcing the people to pinch their pennies for the “privilege to pee.” But revolution is in the air. Led by Bobby Strong, a hopeful hero who rallies a cornucopia of colorful and quirky characters to take on the oily tycoon Caldwell B. Cladwell, the road to freedom is paved with straight-faced silliness, cheeky musical parodies, and boisterous comedy. With heart and hope, this modern classic reminds us just how great and revelatory the American musical can be. 
This side-splitting comedy brimming with slamming doors, wardrobe malfunctions, and flying sardines makes a perfect holiday outing for friends and family. 
Doomed from the start, the play-within-a play Nothing On is led by an exasperated director managing a company which includes a middle-aged has-been, an unseasoned bombshell, an overly-sensitive stage manager, and a half-deaf actor. They’re all on their way to an opening night that will leave everything in complete shambles both on and off the stage. It’s all out chaos as jealousies, egos, and seething rage spill out onto the stage resulting in a dizzying circus of missed entrances and exits, mixed-up lines, slamming doors, and falling trousers. It’s a fight to the finish as a cuckoo cocktail of disaster makes its way to the final curtain.  
Two sisters and their recently widowed father struggle to find their place in the world while holding tight to the love they have for each other. 
Adrift in Brooklyn during the racially charged 1950s, two teenage sisters Ernestine and Ermina live with their devout, recently widowed father, Godfrey, who follows the teachings of spiritual leader Father Divine. Almost to the point of obsession, Godfrey’s staunch beliefs cause his girls to heal their wounds with Hollywood films, daydreams, and lots of cookies. Their humdrum lives are turned upside down with the arrival of their vivacious Aunt Lily, who brings with her a few bad habits and a taste for rebellion. When Godfrey makes a shocking decision that involves a German woman named Gerte, can the family find new meaning in what makes a home?
Three life-long friendships are faced with the reality that maybe they never had anything in common to begin with. 
Serge has purchased a modern painting for an outrageous sum. Marc hates it. Yvan is stuck in the middle. When superficial ideals and values that they once joked about appear to be at the core of Serge’s intentions, comradery is quickly replaced by a sense of betrayal. This sophisticated comedy of manners forces three best friends to examine just how well they really know each other. With sleek repartee and mounting friction, their evening together intensifies to the point of no return where loneliness could be the cost of their inability to save their friendship instead of their egos.
A dramedy exploring the ways a diverse group of people who love each other navigate family dynamics and gender identity. 
 Newly married and seven months pregnant, Lexi has planned the perfect backyard gender-reveal party with every detail immaculately in place. But not everyone is as enthusiastic about the celebration. Her immature husband, Christopher, is rattled by what the future holds for him as a father. Her brother Linus, a trans man, is caught between his sister and his partner Dosia, who is tasked with making the cake for an event that goes against everything they stand for. When emotions escalate and revelations are shared, a family and the importance of being true to oneself is tested as they grapple to find ways to keep on loving each other. A rose-colored musical masterpiece overflowing with pure joy that sparkles with the delights of what it means to be alive. 
Brimming with classic musical theater tunes, endearing characters, and good-humor all around, Hello Dolly! is the perfect balm for the soul. With a twinkle in her eye, Dolly Levi orchestrates matters of the heart for those looking for love as the incomparable matchmaker that she is. As romance blossoms and comedic adventures ensue, Dolly makes friends around every corner and charms her way into the hearts of everyone she meets. But is there hope of moving on from a lost love and finding a sweetheart of her own “before the parade passes by?”