June 2024

‘Yellow Face’ Explores Identity Across Generations, Continents by HARMONY WITTE SAMPAN “I’m always thinking about, ‘why are we doing this play now?’,” actor Michael Hisamoto told the Sampan of the Lyric Stage production of “Yellow Face.” Hisamoto has a key role in the play, written by David Henry Hwang. The semi-autobiographical show is about the playwright, who appears in the play and is

    You’ll laugh so hard you’ll…well, you get the idea. A greedy and unethical corporation profits from the citizens of a city in the middle of a water shortage by banning public toilets forcing the people to pinch their pennies for the “privilege to pee.” But revolution is in the air. Led by Bobby Strong, a hopeful hero who

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3lYWi918EYV3bcTL9DyVk9 The cast, artistic team, and Lyric Stage staff have compiled a Spotify playlist of songs that remind us of our current production, Thirst. Here are some of our favorites:   Ode To My Family - The Cranberries Do you see me, do you see? Do you like me Do you like me standing there? Do you notice, do you know Do you see me, do

Samantha: [00:00:00] Great. I read that you immigrated from Galway. And I'm an immigrant too. I'm an immigrant from Venezuela at like the age of seven. So, I wanted to ask you, how immigrating to America changed your writing style? Ronán: Yeah, that's a great question. It really is because it did change it. The Irish are known for being

Editorial on Trouble in Mind and American Fiction By Marketing Assistant, Samantha Boutureira I couldn’t help but think of Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress as I was watching the Oscar nominated film American Fiction directed by Cord Jefferson.  Wiletta, the protagonist of Trouble in Mind, is in a similar position as the lead character Monk in  American Fiction. I was