July 2021

Lyric Stage Boston · Hummingbird   Hummingbird by Kirsten Greenidge Directed by Michelle Aguillon As two long-time friends walk through a quiet Boston, Anne Frances and Sally find moments of child-like joy despite their worries and guilt. Click below to listen on the Soundcloud app or in your iPhone's Podcasts app! If you're having trouble accessing our Walking Plays, you can learn more about how

Get to know the playwrights of The Greenway Series, the second round of our Walking Plays audio play series that take place at the beloved Rose Kennedy Greenway. We asked them a few questions about what it was like to take part in creating this series and what they hope listeners will take away from their respective plays. Rosanna

Lyric Stage Boston · Walking it Off   Walking It Off by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro Directed by Michelle Aguillon While walking home after dim sum, the elderly Kenzo and his daughter Sally reminisce about his wife, discuss the increasing crimes against Asian-Americans, and question whether or not it's time for a major change. Click below to listen on the Soundcloud app or in your