Interview with Jacqui Parker, Director of The Light

We recently sat down with The Light director Jacqui Parker to talk about her experience working on this production. Find out what The Light means to her, and what she hopes others will learn from watching the show!


What drew you towards The Light and made you excited to direct it?

What drew me towards The Light was the inclusion of Black American stories on the stages of Boston. Oh, I’ve seen plenty of black musicals and comedies, but not Black Love stories that embrace universal themes. Plus, its foundation is set in love! I had no choice. Was thrilled to be invited to Lyric Stage!


Is there a moment in the show that particularly resonates with you?

There were so many moments in the play that resonated with me, however, one special moment was finding the couple’s song. The playwright, Loy A. Webb, makes it clear that the song is important, and it took a while to find. Yewande (who plays Genesis) recommended Allyssa Jones, and then the sound designer, Owen Meadows, sent me three of her songs and Natural High was the one. Seeing Yewande’s face when we played it in rehearsal for the first time was priceless.


What has been your favorite part of the process?

My favorite parts of the process were the conversations I had with the actors, crew, designers and audience members about the impact of the play to them. People sharing their stories was amazing.


What do you hope audiences take away from the show?

My hope is that audience members will have real conversations with each other, or perhaps a stranger, a friend, maybe make a new friend. Or make a decision to work towards healing something within. I suppose I’m hoping the play extends beyond the stage. Theatre has the power to transform lives.

Dominic Carter*, Jacqui Parker, and Yewande Odetoyinbo* in rehearsal for The Light.