Lyric Top 40: Enriching & Interesting Dramaturgy

What’s dramaturgy, you ask? It’s a word that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in practice here at the Lyric, it’s the information we give to our staff, artists, and patrons, to help enhance their experience and understanding of the work happening up on stage.

How that manifests is in a couple of places: the “dramaturgy packet” given to the actors during rehearsals with a show glossary and related articles, the posters you see in the lobby, and the 2-3 page note you find in the program. Currently, our resident dramaturg is none other than the amazing A. Nora Long, also our Associate Artistic Director. She, along with her team of assistants, have created some wonderful supplementary articles.

All of you have seen her posters and read her articles in the program, and you know how hard she works and how much she researches to get all of this information into an easily digestible format. I’ve got some examples for you right here from the last two seasons here. Be sure to grab Nora and say, “hey, thanks,” if you’ve ever read the program note and felt informed, thought about, or engaged.

The Lyric Top 40 
A new feature on our blog that celebrates the large and the small, the obvious and the obscure, our very favorite things about The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, the things that make us uniquely Lyric. Check back for the next item on the countdown.