Patrick French

Patrick French (Chris, Robert, Dennis Understudy)- Lyric Stage: Debut. Apple Tree Arts: The Shadow Box (Joe). SouthCity Theater Company: Two Rooms (Walker Harris). Boston Theatre Marathon: The Campaign (Johnson). ImprovBoston: Gorefest III: The Gruesome Tale of Penny Dreadful (Darius), Gorefest IV: Gross Encounters of the Alien Kind (Dale the High School Gym Teacher), Gorefest V: Blood on the Bayou (Randall the Effeminate Tenor), Gorefest VII: The Worster Seed (Hapless Stepfather), Gorefest X: 28 Days Latte (Derek the Hipster Barista). Film and Television: Hocus Pocus 2, Olive Kitteridge. Patrick French has been performing as an actor and comedian since 2002. Instagram: @j.patrick.french