The Mimosa and The Scientist

As an amateur scientist, Emery Harris’s hypothesis can be summarized as follows; given enough encouragement and a consistent routine, plants can learn to trust their human caretakers. Emery’s larger ambition is to inspire the followers of her experiments to go out and affect the planet for the better. She, however, has almost exclusively relinquished herself to affecting her treehouse Mabel and a plethora of her favorite subjects for experimentation; the Mimosa Pudica. 

The Mimosa, or Shameplant, is a member of the legume family best known for its sensitive leaves. When presented with an external force, the Mimosa’s leaves will immediately fold in on themselves. Due to their reactive nature, these plants have found their place in Emery Harris’s heart and home. 

Emery’s experiments involve a “trust fall” of sorts, dropping the plants in a controlled setting with the hope that the leaves won’t close. Through this experiment, Emery hopes to establish if the plants have memories and, by extension, if they trust her enough not to harm them during the experiment’s fall. Mimosas are primed for these experiments because of their temperamental leaves. Emery can see immediately if the plants react to the stimuli of the fall, quickly noting how long they can recall that they are safe in her care regardless of the external force thrust upon them. A force that would result in the leaf’s closure if experienced in nature. 

This great care taken by Emery has also enticed her followers. The people worldwide watching her videos and the group that visits Millerville see the environment of trust Emery has created and wish to benefit from her kindness and care. 

Who doesn’t want someone who will ensure our safety when we fall?

-MJ Jepsen