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  • January 2, 2015 - January 31, 2015


    A dyed-in-the-wool liberal from deep in the heart of Texas, the unsinkable Molly Ivins’ rapier wit made her one of America’s highest-regarded political columnists, satirists, and beloved rabble-rousers.  Red Hot Patriot weaves personal anecdotes with Molly’s unforgettable humor and wisdom, celebrating her courage and tenacity – even when a complacent America wasn’t listening.

    Red Hot Patriot stands as a mini-monument to the whimsically unpredictable glories of the First Amendment.”  — Washington Post



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“Red Hot Patriot” — The Enduring Wit and Wisdom of Molly Ivins
"If you’re looking for an entertaining piece of theater that will leave you both laughing and pondering your own place on the political map, go see Red Hot Patriot."


Lyric's "Red Hot Patriot": Bushwhackin' the Shrub
"[Karen] MacDonald, arguably incapable of being less than transcendent, again delivers an amazingly kick-ass performance."


Boston Globe Review: Molly Ivins raises hell in ‘Red Hot Patriot’
"In a reddish wig, cowboy boots, jeans, and a blue denim shirt over a red jersey, [...] MacDonald looks the part. She sounds the part, too, nailing Ivins’s Southern drawl without overdoing it and conveying a clear sense of Molly’s gift for storytelling."


Boston Globe: Texas-size zingers from the lone star of Lyric’s ‘Red Hot Patriot’
The trick is in letting the real person come through an actor, rather than trying for mimicry, O’Connor says: “What Karen has in common with Molly is her intelligence and her wit and her sincerity. Even if she might not be 6 feet tall or from Texas, I think Karen evokes what Molly was and who Molly was.” “She said her legacy would be helping people to be a pain in the ass to those in power,” MacDonald says and laughs delightedly.


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