November 2014

By Jake Smerechniak It’s difficult to compare any individual in theatrical history to Charles Busch, a seriously unique icon both on and off the stage. This year, the theatrical world is celebrating 30 years of Mr. Busch's work, including The Tale of the Allergist's Wife running Nov. 21-Dec. 20 at The Lyric Stage. Get Tickets Here The Actress One of Mr. Busch’s most defining

Ed Hoopman* as Robert Lowell and Laura Latreille*as Elizabeth Bishop in Dear Elizabeth You’ve probably heard of the Boston Literary District, but here at the Lyric Stage, we’ve devised a whole new way for you to experience it ― through the eyes of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell! In honor of our production of Dear Elizabeth, we put

The Backstage Kitchen: NOT the Worst Pies in LondonBy Jessica Austin, Artistic Assistant If you saw our production of Sweeney Todd and you’re anything like me, you left the theater distinctly more curious about what exactly goes into those famous meat pies. And a bit more hungry, too (don’t judge!). This definitely isn’t a recipe for the Worst

Look closely at this photo from our upcoming production of Dear Elizabeth.  Have you seen these actors before? This isn't the first time Ed or Laura have transformed themselves on The Lyric's stage! Check out their past performances and count how many you guessed correctly! Laura Latreille and Ed Hoopman (pictured from left to right) star as famous Boston poets Robert

by Shanna Tedeschi, Management Associate While sitting in your seat at Sweeney Todd, did you overhear murmurs and mumbling about BLOOD? It's one of the biggest questions people have after seeing the show performed on our stage.  Is it pigs blood? Water dyed with red food coloring? Cherry pie filling?  None of the above. This inaugural posting of The Backstage Kitchen will reveal our secret recipe

Oh hey again! It's our fourth edition of FAIRYTALE FLASHBACK! Let your hair down and take a look at this collection of Rapunzels: With many thanks to D.L. Ashliman's folk tale library, (click to view) we've got the Rapunzel tale and all sorts of variations ripe for the reading - just click here to get to them along with links to the variations in question- but

FE FI FO FUM! I SMELL THE BLOOD OF OUR THIRD EDITION OF FAIRYTALE FLASHBACK! We're bringing you a whole mess of Jacks! The Jack and the Beanstalk tale has been reimagined a great deal: some vilifying Jack as the villain, and some trying to explain why that giant was so peeved. With many thanks to D.L. Ashliman's folk tale library, (click to

In our second edition of Fairytale Flasback, we're bringing you a whole mess of Little Red Riding Hoods! Did you know: the cape/hood wasn't always a cape. In early versions of the tale, including the Grimm version we link to below, it was simply a jaunty red cap. I don't know, somehow "Little Red Cap" doesn't have the same ring