December 2015

by A. Nora Long Barbra. Bette (and Bette). Bernadette. Beyoncé.Women of stage, screen, and song who live so large in popular imagination they are known by their first names alone (and I’ve just named the Bs). These women have achieved a rarified status with legions of fans world-wide, but their elevation to the divine is often owed to a

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters, circa 1940s. Via: Colorism: From Roots to Product by Ciera-Sadé Wade “That high yellow gone to waste on you.”“Well, you so black you need to get back.” Colorism is one of the many weapons the women of Miss Mary’s Press N’ Curl use against one another in Katori Hall’s Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. The prejudice against those with dark

A beauty shop circa 1940's. Via: Shop Talk: Politics of the Black Beauty Shop by A. Nora Long Community center, information station, haven; beauty shops in the African-American community have always been more than a place to get your hair done. One of the few businesses dominated by black women, the black beauty shop proved Depression-proof and weathered wars only to falter

By Eliza Sanchez, Marketing Assistant 1) It's the longest running TV comedy -- ever!The Simpsons has conquered the feat in terms of both seasons (27) and episodes (574+), and has been delighting TV audiences since 1989. photo via: Fun Fact: In its run, The Simpsons has won 32 Emmy Awards and 83 Nominations, and the 1996 Peabody Award 2) In 1998/99, Time magazine listed Bart Simpson

Last night the Boston theatre community celebrated the 2015 IRNE (Independent Reviewers of New England) Awards at the Cyclorama in the South End. Henry Lussier, Director of Marketing, checking out the program It was a pleasure to be surrounded by so many of the talented actors, artists and administrators who create a season full of diverse and engaging

By Eliza Sanchez, Marketing Assistant City of Angels (playing now through May 2nd, Get Tickets) is a jazzy, brassy musical comedy spoof of Film Noir and 1940's Hollywood. A favorite staple of the Film Noir genre is the Femme Fatale. You'll find this classic character in City of Angels as Alaura Kingsley, played by Samatha Richert*. Besides the devious

Lynn Nottage, playwright of Intimate Apparel, on stageat The Lyric Stage Company of Boston fromFeb. 13th - Mar. 14th.  When Intimate Apparel playwright Lynn Nottage was cleaning out her grandmother's house, she discovered an old photograph of her great-great grandmother. She started at the New York Public Library and what she uncovered about her family history was woven into her play Intimate Apparel. The photo was

PBS’s “News Hour with Jim Lehrer” paid tribute to Molly Ivins on her death by re-airing her survey of Texas Art – or “Ort,” as they say. The broadcast features Molly’s signature wit and Texan witticisms that lovingly jab at her home state. Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins runs from Jan. 2- Jan. 31st. Great seats

Molly writes about the 2006 Texas Gubernatorial debate, featuring Governor “Good Hair” Perry. “I sacrificed an hour Friday evening to watch the Texas gubernatorial debate on your behalf, since I knew none of you would do it,” she writes.  If only Molly would preview all of our debates for us. The Not-So-Great Texas Gubernatorial Debate, by Molly Ivins "AUSTIN, Texas —