Davron S. Monroe and Yewande Odetoyinbo in Breath & Imagination. Photo by Mark S. Howard.

Lyric Back Stage – Audition Posting

Seeking:  4 non-union actors to play high school aged characters.  The ensemble will be cast in two plays, one for high school audiences and one for middle school audiences.  These plays will be performed as part of Back Stage, an Education program introducing young people to design and production career paths in the performing arts.  Characters are written to be played by young actors of any race, orientation, or gender identity – characters’ pronouns will be updated to reflect the casting.  Both plays are directed by Community & Artistic Programs Manager Alexandra Smith.

Made You Look by David Valdes

If you had the opportunity to gain full access to someone else’s social media account, to see everything they’d ever written or searched, would you take it?  No one at Jones High School gives much thought to what they say and do on the SLAB app – that is, until someone hacks the app and grants an unfiltered look into everyone’s hidden digital lives.  In Made You Look, four high school students grapple with the ethical and interpersonal implications of their curiosity.


  • KIT:  Dreamy. Soft-hearted. Everything just flows. The principal’s kid – a teacher’s pet by default, not by choice.  Has been in a relationship with Wren for the last four years.
  • WREN:  Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Emo Boy. Born to brood. A Cancer. Has been in a relationship with Kit for the last four years.
  • ROOK:  That goof who everyone likes well enough. Except for Wren, who’s tired of them.  The third wheel to Kit and Wren.
  • ZAX:  Cultivates the whole mystery-wrapped-in-an-enigma thing. Verbal slicer-and-dicer.  Could be valedictorian if it weren’t for the absences.  Occasional narrator/commentator.

Intimacy note:  Kit and Wren hug and kiss each other in greeting, and public displays of affection are a component of their relationship dynamic.


Party Bots by Ginger Lazarus

If space aliens came to Earth, what might they want?  How would their arrival change humanity, for better or worse?  Bash and Ellery unleash the answers when they discover and open a mysterious canister in a field, and the resulting party is unlike anything they ever could have imagined.  Sci-fi and robots collide with Chex Mix and the ultimate dance-off in this new comedy by Ginger Lazarus.


  • BASH:  A good-hearted adventurous rule-stretcher, shockingly immune to the alien party bots’ powers.  Tasked with saving humanity from non-stop party action.
  • ELLERY:  The kind of kid who usually plays by the rules, transformed by the alien bots into the ultimate party animal.  Constantly moving when awake.  
  • KAT/ER DOCTOR/POTUS/SUPERCOMPUTER/ALIEN 2/PARTY GOER:  A friend of Bash and Ellery, various adults who are letting loose, other entities with sinister intentions.

Movement note:  This play contains dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.  While all characters will dance with great enthusiasm, it would be helpful if KAT and QUINN had strong movement skills.  For BASH and ELLERY, it’s almost better if the dancing is… spirited, but kinda awkward.



Made You Look

  • Rehearsals:  September 23-October 13, 2024 (times based on availability of the ensemble)
  • Tech:  Monday, October 14 and Tuesday, October 15 (daytime)
  • Performances, all at 10am:  October 16-17, October 22-24

Party Bots

  • Rehearsals:  December 30, 2024-January 19, 2025 (times based on availability of the ensemble)
  • Tech:  Monday, January 20 and Tuesday, January 21 (daytime)
  • Performances, all at 10am:  January 22-23, January 28-30


Rehearsals will be paid at a rate of $22/hr.  Performances will be paid a fee of $100 per performance, with time on-site at the theatre estimated at 2.5-4 hours per performance.

Please submit a headshot and resume, summary of any movement/dance experience, and a self-tape of a contemporary monologue via Google Form by Monday, August 5In-person callbacks may be held if needed.


2024/25 Auditions

Lyric Stage holds annual Equity Principal Auditions and attends the Boston Area Theatre Auditions. At this time, we are no longer accepting headshot and resume submissions for our 2024/25 season. Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned for us!