Avenue Q – Set Design

Kathryn Kawecki, scenic designer Avenue Q

sketch of Avenue Q set

For this design, I was really trying to create an urban nook that felt real but that could still have some quirky character & make a nod towards learning life lessons through skits & songs. Glancing across the surface, it’s a fairly straight forward street scene, but the details have a little more of the show’s personality: the graffiti on the side of a dirty box truck colorfully counts the 123s, in the background a brick wall has a city skyline painted on it (also in graffiti) as a reminder of the bigger city this neighborhood belongs to in the distance, and (my favorite) the bodega sign is “ABCs Anytime Variety Mart”, where under layers of grime, everything is happily waiting to burst into song.

ABCs Anytime Variety Mart sign