Oh hey again! It's our fourth edition of FAIRYTALE FLASHBACK! Let your hair down and take a look at this collection of Rapunzels: With many thanks to D.L. Ashliman's folk tale library, (click to view) we've got the Rapunzel tale and all sorts of variations ripe for the reading - just click here to get to them along with links to the variations in question- but

FE FI FO FUM! I SMELL THE BLOOD OF OUR THIRD EDITION OF FAIRYTALE FLASHBACK! We're bringing you a whole mess of Jacks! The Jack and the Beanstalk tale has been reimagined a great deal: some vilifying Jack as the villain, and some trying to explain why that giant was so peeved. With many thanks to D.L. Ashliman's folk tale library, (click to

In our second edition of Fairytale Flasback, we're bringing you a whole mess of Little Red Riding Hoods! Did you know: the cape/hood wasn't always a cape. In early versions of the tale, including the Grimm version we link to below, it was simply a jaunty red cap. I don't know, somehow "Little Red Cap" doesn't have the same ring

You've almost certainly seen Elisabetta [Lisa] Polito's work in the last few years: she's brought her considerable talent in costume design to Boston, and has designed, among many others, Stones in His Pockets, Water by the Spoonful, and Time Stands Still, here at the Lyric Stage! Below, you can check out a quick interview with Elisabetta about her work and about Into the Woods, and take

We're gearing up for Into the Woods, Sondheim's delightfully fractured fairytale musical - which'll open here at the Lyric on May 9. For those of you not in the know, Into the Woods mashes up some of your favorite fairy tales, with a dark twist. The allure of fairy tales isn't lost on us, even now in 2014. Television shows like Once Upon a

by Brianna Arrighi If you come to see Death of a Salesman, (read: when you come see Salesman) prepare to be transported back to 1949. Willy inevitably loses his mind over his incapability to provide for his family, but what external factors during that time pushed him over the edge? Let’s take a closer look at what was going on before the

by Jessica AustinBiff Loman, like many young and aspiring athletes of today, was promised a bright future as long as he kept up with football. What he didn’t do, and what many high school football players today also struggle with, is making it into the college arena. Less than 5% of high school football players get the opportunity to

By Brianna Arrighi, Artistic Assistant Death of a Salesman is one of the most successful plays of all time, sure, but it might not have the romance you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day. Fear not- playwright Arthur Miller makes up for it with his own love life, which was famously defined by his marriage to Marilyn Monroe. According to an excerpt

by Jessica Austin, Marketing Assistant.  Chances are, if you went to high school in America, you've read the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Arthur Miller entitled Death of a Salesman. If you never had the pleasure of reading it, here’s a quick synopsis: Death of a Salesman is a critique of the American Dream as seen through an average family in New York who

I was delighted to be able to catch two actors from our current production of Working at our concessions stand for a quick Theater in Thirty roundup. I spent time talking to Christopher Chew, who you might remember from Urinetown, 1776, and Man of La Mancha, as well as Shannon Lee Jones, who is making her Lyric debut with Working. Check out our interviews, below, as