Working, our next production, opens tonight! Working is a celebration of average working people, and our talented design team has banded together to create a beautiful world for this production to live in. Below, take a look at some of the drafts and designs created by scenic designer Anne Sherer and costume designer Rafael Jaen: https://youtu.be/dqnGK2605sA https://youtu.be/roUJwaMzzkI?list=PLKpNItkXewsLbIhqBRMmYnOuaNZDUTFyN

Take a spin of the wheel and join Associate Production Manager Julie Tidemand on a tour of the board game-inspired set of Becky's New Car! https://youtu.be/o2AY78gFGOc My personal highlight of our tour was a ride down the green slide that adorns the side of the stage. It is much slipperier than it looks, so be careful, Becky!

by Jessica Austin, Marketing Assistant As the opening of Becky's New Car fast approaches, I caught up with Mike Dorval (Joe Foster) to chat about his experience working on the show. This is his debut with The Lyric Stage Company, but he's been in several local productions recently and has performed in a one-man show entitled Death by Chocolate at several local venues. We're

I chatted with the costume designer of Becky's New Car, Emily Woods Hogue, about a lot of things. We touched on what the show is about, some costumes she's found, and really all about what her job as costume designer entails. It was a great conversation, and somehow we made it Thanksgiving themed at the end! https://youtu.be/soa_FoaNEwA Becky's New Car opens November 29,

CHRISTINE PATTERSON, EVERYBODY! If you made it to One Man, Two Guvnors, you'll remember Amanda Spinella as the delightfully sneaky audience plant who was dragged on stage every night. Hear about what it was like to be doused with water on a nightly basis, and then some, in Theater in Thirty! https://youtu.be/XrA2X2NEU5w

Check out these production photos from Water by the Spoonful! Click to enlarge Gabriel Rodriguez & Sasha Castroverde,with Mariela Lopez-Ponce and Gabriel Kuttner* Zaven Ovian, Sasha Castroverde, and Gabriel Rodriguez. Mariela Lopez-Ponce and Johnny Lee Davenport* Gabriel Kuttner* Gabriel Rodriguez & Sasha Castroverde Theresa Nguyen, Gabriel Kuttner*, Mariela Lopez-Ponce, and Johnny Lee Davenport* Mariela Lopez-Ponce, Gabriel Rodriguez, Sasha Castroverde, and

What’s dramaturgy, you ask? It’s a word that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in practice here at the Lyric, it’s the information we give to our staff, artists, and patrons, to help enhance their experience and understanding of the work happening up on stage. How that manifests is in a couple