First Rehearsal!

An excerpt from the Stage Manager’s report after the first rehearsal of The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby:

We’re on our way! The meet ‘n’ greet at the top of rehearsal introduced our stellar cast to our brilliant staff and the myriad policies and procedures in place at the theatre. Moving right along into our designer presentations, Janie Howland was first up and she whetted all appetites for the real deal with her model and pictures of the set. Next up was costumes and Rafael’s radiant associate Kathleen Doyle was on hand in his stead to go over the warp and the weft of the costume design scheme for the show. And if all of this was not fun enough, dialect coach Amelia Broome joined us for a few delightful moments to say “hello” and introduce herself to the cast.

To round out the talking portion of the day, Spiro spoke for a bit about the play now we’re all here together on a road that leads all of the way back to 1980, when it was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Then he got right down to assigning narration lines at the top of the show as he began staging. We got to page 11 by the end of the day.

(By Nerys Powell, Stage Manager)

image of Director Spiro Veloudos addressing the full cast of Nicholas Nickleby at the first rehearsal.

Director Spiro Veloudos addresses the full cast of …Nicholas Nickleby at the first rehearsal.