In Any Face

by Miranda Austen ADEkoje
Directed by Dawn Meredith Simmons

In a busy, bustling mob during rush-hour, Larysa stumbles into a wandering Sojourner. As their stories unravel, they realize that they are more similar than they could believe. Will Larysa figure out where she knows Sojourner from or will they remain two unlikely strangers colliding in the city?

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Cast & Crew

In Any Face
by Miranda Austen ADEkoje
Director: Dawn Meredith Simmons
Sojourner: Shani Farrell
Larysa: Margaret Clark
Narrator: Katherine Shaver
Sound Design: Owen Meadows
Audio Engineer: Katie O’Connor
Production Manager: Aja M Jackson

Commissioned by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston (Matt Chapuran, Executive Director and Courtney O’Connor, Artistic Director) as a part of the Walking Plays, a new audio series exploring private moments in this city we all share.

Special thanks to the Lyric Stage’s season sponsors,
Lee and Diana Humphrey
Bank of America



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