Monstrat Viam

by Patrick Gabridge
Directed by Courtney O’Connor

As her walk through the city continues through the jungle-like Boston Common, Journey and the Mayor discuss the further impending changes and threats the city is facing. On the verge of apocalypse, Journey is forced to leap back onto an uncertain path, but she encounters a familiar face and elists their help to help to ward off the dangers of the future and the past.

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Note: the blue overlay represents where the water levels have risen above ground level. View a scientific projection of future water levels in Boston.

Cast & Crew

by Patrick Gabridge
Director: Courtney O’Connor
Sojourner:  Shani Farrell
Mayor Yaya: Dawn Simmons
Yaya: Sis K
Narrator: Katherine Shaver
Sound Designer: Owen Meadows
Sound Engineer: Katie O’Connor

Commissioned by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston (Matt Chapuran, Executive Director and Courtney O’Connor, Artistic Director) as a part of the Walking Plays, a new audio series exploring private moments in this city we all share.

Special thanks to the Lyric Stage’s season sponsors,
Lee and Diana Humphrey
Bank of America



The Walking Plays are sponsored by First Republic Bank.

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